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Litter A celebrates 2nd Bday! 


New obedience exams passed, ZPU1 Jasmine and ZOP Anoushka!

Our puppy Aram passed ZOP too! Congrats!



Tisk Přidat k oblíbeným

Jasmine alias Samilyns Hot Pursuit
date of birth 11.5.2005
colour black, tan, white marks
weight 18-19 kg
 eyes  CEA and PRA DNA clear
 hips  HD A, 0/0
elbows 0/0
exams agility LA1, herding ZVOP
sports agility, dogfrisbee, dogtrekking, herding, flyball, herding, dogdancing

Jasmine, oficially called Samilyn´s Hot Pursuit was born in Samilyn Ausies far behind the sea, in the United States, in Michigan. We call her Jasmine, as she was called by the breeder´s daughters and since I love the smell of Jasmine blossoms. And especially when Hot Pursuit means a legal term, which is so cold without any positive emotions. Of course, thouse of you who remember the computer game Need for Speed, might smile a bit.   

But we often call her Meena, Meenetchka, Iamee, etc..

Since I always wanted a dog for sports, my primary aim in the choice was health and dogś behaviour. Jasmine is friendly and total agility freak!

Here are Jasmine´s parents:

Jméno: Samilyns Tess-T-mony BISS  CKC UKC ASCA CH  Mooreas Black N Blue AGN AGNJ HIC
CHS: Samilyn Aussies

and Jasmine´s original american pedigree

Considering Jasmine´s appereance, she is somewhere in the middle. She is not a fluffy bear, since I was looking for a sporty dog, but also does not look like a border collie. We have attended some dog shows, but I figured out, that it is not such fun for us as other doggy acitivities, and I prefer objectivity, rather than subjectivity. We prefer spending time on the agility course.

But here are some of the results.

Show results
Date Place Result
30.9.06 Prostějov VD3
14.10.06 Mladá Boleslav V2
10.2.07 Brno, MVP VD4
29.9.07 Mladá Boleslav VD3


And how did Jasmine appear in the Czech Republic? Well, I used ot live in the USA and have few friends over there and I always planned to get back to Michigan. And I thought it owuld be wonderful to bring a aussie puppy from its country of origin. So I connected the nice event with another nice event. The day in july 2005 was the best one in my life, but I guess it has no point to explain it, because you might have alived it too. We spent together one month in Michigan and then we traveled together back home. Jasmine travelled as extra luggage, she slept almost the whole trip and entertained the passengers.

Time passes so quickly, as a a big traveller she used to travel with me Prague-Brno- Jindirchuv Hradec, she used to go with me to university to lectures, to work, but now she is more at home, but she enjoys it sleeping, since she knows we will do something after I come home.

Jasmines charachter is great. She is a good friend and she loves to cuddle, but also guards a bit. She is used to small children, so I usually solve a problem, how to avoid her peeking into baby coaches (you know except nice babies, there are plenty of interesting toys too), becuase try to explain those mothers, that your dog is not going to eat their innocent child, but just to say hello. Jasmine doesn´t like guys older 50 (who know who gave her this idea, but it is probably the experience of meeting few older drunks at the reailway stations). Anyway, Jasmine has been my wonderful friend, no matter the situation, and that is the most.

During that time we are together, we have alived many interesting things. Agility is our number one, but we pracitce dogfrisbee too, time to time we try coursing, we even tried dogtrekking. In last few months I have learned about clicker, so we practice more obedience and some tricks from dogdancing.

You can read more about our activities in seciton SPORT or BLOG.


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