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Litter A celebrates 2nd Bday! 


New obedience exams passed, ZPU1 Jasmine and ZOP Anoushka!

Our puppy Aram passed ZOP too! Congrats!

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Tisk Přidat k oblíbeným

I am Alaaf. Since I was born on the day of holland carnival and everybody in the streets was screaming Alaaf! Alaaf!, my name cannot be other than Alaaf. My brother prepared the way to this world for me, so I was soon following him and entered this world at 5:25.  I was the only one who started screaming after the birth. Well, I am small, but skillful!



How am I growing:


1. day 1. week 2. week 3. week 4. week 5. week 6. week 7.week 8.week
250 g 520 g
 920 g
 1350 g
 1900 g


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