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Litter A celebrates 2nd Bday! 


New obedience exams passed, ZPU1 Jasmine and ZOP Anoushka!

Our puppy Aram passed ZOP too! Congrats!

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Tisk Přidat k oblíbeným



My name is Aram. I am blue merle boy and I was born as a first puppy at 5:15. I was thfirst, I still am and I will always be! Anytime possible, I try to be the first one at meal! But I am very nice and good boy, I cry only when it is very necessary and I easily fall asleep on your  lap. I have nicknames like "big boy" or "numero uno".



How am I good in eating:


1. day 1.week 2. week 3. week 4. week 5. week 6. week 7. week 8. week
340 g 800 g
 1240 g
 1750 g
 2300 g

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