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Litter A celebrates 2nd Bday! 


New obedience exams passed, ZPU1 Jasmine and ZOP Anoushka!

Our puppy Aram passed ZOP too! Congrats!

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Tisk Přidat k oblíbeným

Ashanti is my name. I have a collar after my mommy, she borrowed it to me, saying it  would match with my beautiful black dress. I came into this world at 6:10 legs, first, I gave my mom a bit hard times. BUt now I am very good girl, I eat, sleep, like to talk and what I adore the most is laying on my moms paws. Just in case she would want to run away, you know!






How am I turning into a beauty:

1. day 1.week 2. week

3. week

4. week 5. week 6. week 7. week 8. week
340 g  780 g
 1200 g
 1680 g
2380 g




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