Sluneční listosvit





Litter A celebrates 2nd Bday! 


New obedience exams passed, ZPU1 Jasmine and ZOP Anoushka!

Our puppy Aram passed ZOP too! Congrats!



Tisk Přidat k oblíbeným

        Welcome to the australian shepherd kennel Slunecni listosvit! We are interested in dogsports, therefore we spend most of our free time outdoors walking in the nature, at training place, at seminars, or weekend training. Health is a big issue for us, because in order to be able to do some activities with a dog, the dog has to be healthy. We are not here for winning as much as possible, but for a friendship that creates between dog and human while spending time together. As the fall sun shines, and brings the warmth, should a friendship of a dog warmer human soul. Please, feel free to browse our website, read some stories we have livedan  see the pictures and videos.If you want to say hello, post a comment, or join in on our activities, you are more than welcome.

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